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  • Mizhhirya

    The village is located near Kamianka (1587 m) and the city of Kuk (1365 m), the highest point - Strimba (1719 m). From here, it's easiest to get to the Synevyr lake, the Shypot waterfall and the Terebil-Reczkaya hydroelectric power station, 48 healing mineral water springs from the mineral resources. Mizhhirya is also the center of the skiing. Now there are bugel there, near the villages Synevyr, Polyana, Podobovets, V. Studeny. There are mountain skiing places.

  • Rehabilitation center of brown bear

    In the reserve Synevyr has already been brought 5 bears, in the future it is planned to make another 40. Under the rehabilitation center of brown bear is allocated a large specially equipped supervised territory. Owners assure that soon this center will become one of the largest of its kind in Europe. There is a booth with a signpost on the road to the territory.

  • Waterfall Kamianka

    Kamenka waterfall is located not far from the village Synevyrska Polyana, at the foot of the Kamianka and Menchilik mountains. Very high cascade waterfall with visible partial height of 12-15 meters. Recently, part of the water is allocated horizontally along the rock, forming a series of small waterfalls.

  • Shipot waterfall

    Shipot waterfall is located on the river Pilipec near the Borzhava valley. The tide falls down numerous cascades, making an unforgettable impression. In this incredible area mass events are held: the festival of informal culture, the Children's Day, the beauty contest, annually from July 7 to 10 celebrate Ivan Kupala's day with local traditions and color, lighting a watra in height of 5 m.

  • Arpad Line Bunker

    In 1940, when prisoners of war ordered by the Hungarian military began to build a defense system. She lay along the Hungarian border, which then stretched across the entire Carpathian Mountain Range. After the war began, the work was stopped. Since the summer of 1943, Hungary began to accelerate the creation of a powerful defense system in the mountainous areas of the Carpathians. The line of Arpad stretches for almost 600 kilometers.

  • Museum of Architecture and Life on "Old Village"

    The first rural museum of architecture and everyday life in Transcarpathia. Reproduces material, spiritual and cultural life on Verkhovyna. "Old Village" already has a dozen residential and economic buildings with household items and artistic works of the 19th-20th centuries of Ukrainian mountain ranges from Kolochava in Transcarpathia. Draws attention to the "carnivorous" - the first half of the 20th century with a unique collection of weaving (canvases, embroidered clothes, models of wedding dresses, ancient weaving machines, etc.).

  • Museum of the History of the Railway "Kolochavskaya narrow-gauge railway"

    Kolochava village has its own railroad since 2009. This is the only Transcarpathian museum of railway history. The museum consists of a rare steam train and an echelon of 10 cars. The main pride of the museum is the unique locomotive made in Germany in 1951. Guests of the museum can not only get acquainted with the history of the railway, but also ride on the narrow-gauge. Anyone visiting the "Kolochavskaya narrow-gauge railway" museum can make a charter flight in the past.

  • Museum of Forest and Alloy

    On the territory of NPP "Synevyr" on the Chernihiv River there is the only museum in Europe, the forest and the alloys. This is a miracle object, which has no analogues all over the world - an excellent hydrotechnical construction on the water from the XIX century. It was used for the forging of the forest connected in the Darabi (flesh). The craftsmanship of the Transcarpathian masters is composed of legends, and the masterpieces created by them, religious, residential, administrative and other structures will always be impressed with their unique beauty.

  • Lake Synevir

    The largest lake in Transcarpathia is Synevir. It is fairly considered the most valuable natural treasure of the National Nature Park "Synevir" and is one of the business cards of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level, the average area is 4-5 hectares, the average depth is 8-10 m, and the maximum is 22 m. In the middle of the lake, a small island measuring several meters is located, like a pupil of the blue eye. Hence the popular name is Marine Eye.

  • A memorial to the nature of the Swamp Gluhany

    Swamp Gluhany is a famous spherical swamp with valuable plants. The area of the territory is 23 hectares. It is amazing and extremely interesting in the scientific sense of the creature of nature. Its mode is oligotrophic and the surface is spherical. There were almost no such marshes in the Carpathians. In the marsh there are 15 rare and endangered plant species that are listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine. Among them are several northern species, inhabitants of the taiga and tundra, which are rarely found in the Carpathians.

  • The monument of nature is the Great Javorets and Oblivion

    The monument of nature, Great Javorets and Oblast, covers an area of 35 hectares. Plants: fir, fir and berry mace.

  • Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin and the bell tower

    Church of the Nativity of the Virgin is a wooden church in the village. Pylypets, built in baroque style. One of the best examples of this style of wooden architecture. On the tower of the church - a decorative dial. To the south-east of the church is a wooden two-tiered square bell tower, covered with an octagonal cobblestone.

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